Adverbs that start with o | Adverbs starting with o


Adverbs that start with O

398 Adverbs that start with O


Adverbs that start with Oa


Adverbs that start with Ob

Obdurately, Obedientially, Obediently, Obeisantly, Obesely, Obeyingly, Obiter, Obituarily, Objectionably, Objectively, Objectly, Oblately, Obligately, Obligatorily, Obligingly, Obliquely, Obliteratingly, Obliviously, Oblongly, Obnoxiously, Obscenely, Obscurely, Obscuringly, Obsequiously, Observably, Observantly, Observationally, Observedly, Obsessionally, Obsessively, Obsoletely, Obstetrically, Obstinately, Obstreperously, Obstructedly, Obstructively, Obtrusively, Obtusely, Obversely, Obviously, Obvs

Adverbs that start with Oc

Occasionally, Occidentally, Occipitally, Occlusally, Occultly, Occupationally, Oceanographically, Oceanward, O’clock, Octagonally, Octahedrally, Ocularly

Adverbs that start with Od

Oddly, Odiously, Odoriferously, Odorously

Adverbs that start with Oe

Oedipally, O’er, Oestrogenically

Adverbs that start with Of

Off, Off book, Off the ball, Off-air, Off-axis, Off-broadway, Off-camera, Off-campus, Off-centre, Off-duty, Offencelessly, Offendedly, Offensively, Off-grain, Off-grid, Offhand, Offhandedly, Offhandishly, Officially, Officinally, Officiously, Offishly, Off-island, Off-key, Off-kilter, Offline, Off-microphone, Off-mike, Off-off-off broadway, Off-patent, Off-peak, Off-piste, Off-plan, Off-planet, Off-price, Off-puttingly, Off-reserve, Off-road, Off-screen, Offshore, Offside, Offstage, Off-the-plan, Off-topic, Off-trail, Offward, Off-world, Oft, Often, Oftens, Oftentime, Oftentimes, Oft-time, Oft-times

Adverbs that start with Og

Ogreishly, Ogre-like

Adverbs that start with Oh

Ohmically, Ohne mich, Oh-so

Adverbs that start with Oi


Adverbs that start with Ok

Ok, Oke, Okey-dokey

Adverbs that start with Ol

Old-fashionably, Old-fashionedly, Oldly, Old-maidishly, Oleaginously, Oleographically, Olfactorily, Olfactronically, Oligarchically, Olim, Olympianly, Olympically

Adverbs that start with Om

Ominously, Omnidirectionally, Omnifariously, Omnilaterally, Omnipotently, Omnipresently, Omnisciently, Omnitemporally, Omnivorously

Adverbs that start with On

On, On book, On-air, Onanistically, Once, One-handed, One-handedly, Onehow, Oneirically, One-one, Onerously, One-sidedly, One-time, One-to-one, Onewhile, Online, Only, Onomastically, Onomatopoeically, Onomatopoetically, On-screen, Onshore, Onside, On-site, Onstage, Ontically, Ontogenetically, Ontogenically, Ontologically, On-topic, Onward, Onwardly,

Adverbs that start with Oo

Oogamously, Oozily

Adverbs that start with Op

Opaquely, Open-eyedly, Open-handedly, Open-heartedly, Openly, Open-mindedly, Operatically, Operationally, Operatively, Operosely, Ophitically, Ophthalmologically, Ophthalmoscopically, Opinionatedly, Opinionately, Opinionatively, Opportunately, Opportunely, Opportunistically, Opposingly, Opposite, Oppositely, Oppositively, Oppressingly, Oppressively, Opprobriously, Optatively, Optically, Optimally, Optimistically, Optionally, Optokinetically, Optometrically, Opulently

Adverbs that start with Or

Oracularly, Orad, Orally, Oratorially, Oratorically, Orbicularly, Orbitally, Orchestrally, Ordinally, Ordinarily, Ore tenus, Oregonly, Organically, Organismically, Organizationally, Organoleptically, Orgasmically, Orgastically, Orgiastically, Orientally, Orientationally, Oriently, Originally, Originarily, Orl, Ornamentally, Ornately, Ornithologically, Orogenetically, Orogenically, Orographically, Oronasally, Orphically, Orright, Orthodontically, Orthodoxally, Orthodoxically, Orthodoxly, Orthogenetically, Orthogonally, Orthographically, Orthopaedically, Orthoptically, Orthostereoscopically

Adverbs that start with Os

Oscillatively, Oscillographically, Oscilloscopically, Osmically, Osmometrically, Osmotically, Osseously, Ostensibly, Ostensively, Ostentatiously, Osteologically, Osteopathically

Adverbs that start with Ot

Othergates, Othertime, Othertimes, Otherwards, Otherways, Otherwhere, Otherwheres, Otherwhither, Otherwise, Otiosely, Otoscopically

Adverbs that start with Ou

Oui, Out, Out and out, Out of balance, Out of truth, Out there, Out west, Out-and-home, Outboard, Outbound, Out-by, Outdoors, Outerly, Outher, Outlandishly, Outmodedly, Out-of-fashion, Out-over, Outrageously, Outright, Outrightly, Outside, Outsidely, Outspokenly, Outstandingly, Outward, Outwardly, Outwards

Adverbs that start with Ov

Ovally, Ovately, Over, Over the air, Over the top, Over there, Overabundantly, Overall, Overambitiously, Overanxiously, Overarchingly, Overarm, Overbearingly, Overboard, Overboldly, Over-budget, Overby, Overcarefully, Overcautiously, Overcomingly, Overcompensatingly, Overconfidently, Over-curiously, Over-delicately, Overdotted, Overeagerly, Over-earnestly, Over-easily, Over-elaborately, Overemotionally, Overenthusiastically, Overextravagantly, Over-familiarly, Overfar, Over-favourably, Overflowingly, Overfondly, Over-freely, Overgenerously, Overground, Overhand, Overhard, Over-harshly, Overhastily, Overhead, Over-highly, Overhill, Overkindly, Overland, Overlargely, Overlate, Overlavishly, Overleaf, Overliberally, Overlightly, Over-little, Overlong, Overloudly, Overly, Overmasteringly, Over-modestly, Overmore, Overmuch, Overnight, Over-optimistically, Overpoweringly, Overproportionately, Overquickly, Over-rashly, Overreachingly, Over-rigorously, Overseas, Oversharply, Overside, Over-strictly, Over-strongly, Overthwart, Overtime, Overtly, Overtop, Overweeningly, Overwell, Overwhelmingly, Overwillingly, Overyear, Overzealously, Oviparously

Adverbs that start with Ow


Adverbs that start with Ox

Oxidatively, Oxymoronically





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