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Adverbs that start with A | Adverbs starting with a

Adverbs that start with A | Adverbs starting with a
Adverbs that start with A | Adverbs starting with a

853 adverbs that start with a

Adverbs that start with A

A main, A battuta, A cappella, À contre-coeur, À deux, À fond, A fortiori, À la française, À la mode, À la mort, À la russe, À la turque, À l’anglaise, À l’antique, À outrance, A posteriori, A priori, A tempo

Adverbs that start with Ab

Ab extra, Ab inconvenienti, Ab initio, Ab intestato, Ab intra, Ab ovo, Ab urbe condita, Aback, Abactinally, Abaft, Abaht, Abandonedly, Abapically, Abasedly, Abashedly, Abbreviately, Abdominally, Abeam, Abeat, Abed, Abeigh, Aberrantly, Abhorrently, Abidingly, Abintestate, Abiogenetically, Abiogenically, Abiologically, Abiotically, Abjectly, Ablatively, Ables, Ablow, Ably, Abnormally, Aboard, Aboil, Abominably, Aborad, Aborally, Aboriginally, Aborning, Abortively, Aboundingly, About, Abouts, Above, Above board, Above ground, Above stairs, Above-head, Abox, Abrahamically, Abrasively, Abreast, Abreid, Abridgedly, Abroad, Abruptedly, Abruptly, Absently, Absent-mindedly, Abso-bloody-lutely, Absolutely, Absorbedly, Absorbingly, Absorptiometrically, Absotively, Abstemiously, Abstinently, Abstractedly, Abstractively, Abstractly, Abstrusely, Absurdly, Abundante cautela, Abundantly, Abusefully, Abusively, Abysmally

Adverbs that start with Ac

Academically, Accelerando, Acceleratedly, Accentually, Acceptably, Acceptedly, Accessibly, Accessively, Accessorily, Accidentally, Accommodatingly, Accordantly, According, Accordingly, Accountably, Accumulatively, Accurately, Accursedly, Accusably, Accusatively, Accusatorially, Accusingly, Accustomedly, Acerbically, Acerbly, Achingly, Achromatically, Acicularly, Acidimetrically, Acidly, Ack emma, Acknowledgedly, Acoast, Acock, A-cock-bill, Acourse, Acoustically, Acousto-optically, Acquiescently, Acquiescingly, Acquisitively, Acridly, Acrimoniously, Acrobatically, Acronically, Acrook, Acropetally, Across, Acrost, Acrostically, Actinally, Actinically, Actionably, Actively, Actually, Actuarially, Acutely

Adverbs that start with Ad

Ad absurdum, Ad aperturam libri, Ad arbitrium, Ad bene placitum, Ad captandum, Ad captandum vulgus, Ad clerum, Ad crumenam, Ad damnum, Ad deliquium, Ad eundem, Ad extra, Ad extremum, Ad factum praestandum, Ad feminam, Ad fin., Ad hoc, Ad hominem, Ad idem, Ad infinitum, Ad interim, Ad intra, Ad lib, Ad libitum, Ad limina, Ad limina apostolorum, Ad locum, Ad majorem dei gloriam, Ad misericordiam, Ad nauseam, Ad personam, Ad placitum, Ad referendum, Ad rem, Ad valorem, Adagio, Adamantly, Adamically, Adaptably, Adaptively, Adaptly, Addedly, Adder-like, Addictingly, Addictively, Additionally, Additively, Adenoidally, Adeptly, Adequately, Adherently, Adhesively, Adiabatically, Adjacently, Adjectivally, Adjectively, Adjunctively, Adjunctly, Adjustably, Administratively, Admirably, Admiratively, Admiredly, Admiringly, Admissibly, Admittedly, Admonishingly, Admonitively, Admonitorily, Adolescently, Adoptively, Adorably, Adorally, Adoringly, Adorningly, Adown, Adraw, Adream, Adreigh, Adrenergically, Adroitly, Adroop, Adscititiously, Adsorptively, Adulterously, Adultly, Adumbratively, Advancingly, Advantageously, Adventitiously, Adventurously, Adverbially, Adversarially, Adversarily, Adversatively, Adversely, Advertently, Advisably, Advisedly, Advisingly

Adverbs that start with Ae

Aefauldly, Aeolianly, Aerially, Aerobically, Aerodynamically, Aeroponically, Aesopically, Aesthetically, Aetiologically, Aeviternally

Adverbs that start with Af

Afar, Affably, Affectedly, Affectingly, Affectionally, Affectionately, Affectively, Affectually, Afferently, Affinally, Affirmably, Affirmatively, Affirmingly, Afflictedly, Afflictingly, Afflictively, Affluently, Affly, Affordably, Affrightedly, Affrontedly, Affrontingly, Affrontively, Afield, Afizz, Aflank, Aflare, Aflow, Aflush, Afoam, Aforehand, Aforetime, Aforetimes, Afoul, Afresh, Afront, Aft, After, Afterhand, Afternoon, Afterwards, Afterwhile, Aftward, Aftwards

Adverbs that start with Ag

Again, Agallop, Agamically, Agamogenetically, Agasp, Agaze, Agedly, Agentially, Aggravatingly, Aggregately, Aggressively, Aggrievedly, Agilely, Agitatedly, Agitatingly, Agitato, Aglare, Agley, Aglimmer, Aglint, Aglitter, Agnatically, Agnostically, Ago, Agoggle, Agone, Agoniously, Agonistically, Agonizedly, Agonizingly, Agreeably, Agreeingly, Agriculturally, Agronomically, Agroof, Aground, A-growing, Aguishly

Adverbs that start with Ah

Ahead, Aheap, Aheight, Ahigh, Ahind, Ahistorically, Ahold, Ahorse, Ahorseback, Ahull

Adverbs that start with Ai

Aiblins, Aimfully, Aimlessly, Air express, Airily, Airside, Airtightly, Airward, Airwards

Adverbs that start with Aj

Ajar, Ajee

Adverbs that start with Ak

Akilter, Akimbo

Adverbs that start with Al

Al dente, Al desko, Al fresco, Al segno, Alacritously, Alarmedly, Alarmingly, Alchemically, Alcoholically, Alee, Alertly, Algates, Algebraically, Algorithmically, Alias, Alike, Alikewise, Alimentally, Alio intuitu, Aliter, Aliunde, Alkalimetrically, All, All right, Alla capella, Alla cappella, Alla marcia, Alla prima, Allargando, Allee samee, Allegedly, Allegorically, Allegretto, Allegro, Allenarly, Allergenically, Allergically, Allers, All-firedly, Alliteratively, Allochirally, Allodially, Allopathically, Allophonically, Allosterically, Allotropically, Allowably, Allowedly, All-powerfully, Alluringly, Allus, Allusively, Allwhere, Almightily, Almost, Aloft, Alone, Along, Alongships, Alongshore, Aloofly, Aloud, Alow, Alphabetically, Already, Also, Altar-wise, Alterably, Alternately, Alternatim, Alternatingly, Alternatively, Alternis vicibus, Altimetrically, Altogether, Altruistically, Alway, Always

Adverbs that start with Am

Amateurishly, Amazingly, Ambidextrously, Ambiguously, Ambisexually, Ambitiously, Ambivalently, Amenably, Americanly, Amiably, Amicably, Amidships, Amiss, Amitotically, Amok, Amorally, Amoroso, Amorously, Amorphously, Amphibiously, Amply, Amusedly, Amusingly

Adverbs that start with An

Anachronistically, Anaerobically, Anally, Analogically, Analogously, Analytically, Anaphorically, Anarchically, Anatomically, Ancestrally, Anciently, Andante, Andantino, Androgynously, Anecdotally, Anew, Angelically, Angiographically, Anglewise, Anglice, Angrily, Angularly, Animalistically, Animally, Animatedly, Animatingly, Animato, Animistically, Anisotropically, Ankle-deep, Annalistically, Anno domini, Annoyedly, Annoyingly, Annually, Annularly, Anodally, Anomalously, Anon, Anonymously, Anorexically, Answerably, Answeringly, Antagonistically, Antarctically, Ante christum, Ante christum natum, Ante meridiem, Anteally, Antecedently, Antediluvially, Antemeridian, Ante-mortem, Antenatally, Anteriad, Anteriorly, Anterogradely, Antero-posteriorly, Anthem-wise, Anthropically, Anthropocentrically, Anthropogenically, Anthropologically, Anthropometrically, Anthropomorphically, Anthropomorphologically, Anthropomorphously, Anthropopathetically, Anthropopathically, Anthropophagously, Anticlimactically, Anticlockwise, Anticompetitively, Antipathetically, Antiphonally, Antiseptically, Antisocially, Antithetically, Antonomastically, Anxiously, Any, Any more, Anyhoo, Anyhow, Anyhows, Anyplace, Anyroads, Anytime, Anyway, Anyways, Anywhen, Anywhence, Anywhere, Anywheres, Anywhither, Anywise

Adverbs that start with Ao

A-OK,  Aoristically

Adverbs that start with Ap

Apace, Apart, Apathetically, Aphetically, Aphoristically, Apiece, Apishly, Apocalyptically, Apocryphally, Apolitically, Apologetically, Apophatically, Apoplectically, Apotropaically, Appallingly, Apparently, Appealingly, Appetitively, Appetizingly, Applicably, Applicatively, Appliedly, Appositely, Appraisingly, Appraisively, Appreciably, Appreciatingly, Appreciatively, Appreciatorily, Apprehensively, Appropriately, Approvingly, Approximately, Aptly

Adverbs that start with Aq


Adverbs that start with Ar

Arabesquely, Arabically, Arbitrarily, Arcanely, Archaeologically, Archaically, Archetypally, Archetypically, Architectonically, Architecturally, Archly, Arco, Ardently, Arduously, Area-wide, Arf, Arguably, Argumentatively, Aridly, Aright, Aristocratically, Arithmetically, Arm-in-armly, Armorially, Armour-wise, Aromatically, Around, Arrantly, Arrestingly, Arrhythmically, Arrogantly, Arrow-straight, Arsy-versy, Art-critically, Arter, Arterio’graphically, Artfully, Art-historically, Arthritically, Arthroscopically, Articulately, Articulatorily, Artifactually, Artificially, Artificiously, Artily, Artistically, Artist-like, Artistly, Artlessly

Adverbs that start with As

As, Ascertainably, Ascetically, Aseptically, Asexually, Ashamedly, Ashore, Aside, Askance, Askingly, Asklent, Aslant, Aslope, Aspirationally, Asprawl, Asquint, Assai, Ass-backward, Ass-backwards, Assertively, Assiduously, Assumedly, Assuredly, Astarboard, Astern, Asthmatically, Astonishingly, Astoundingly, Astraddle, Astray, Astride, Astringently, Astrologically, Astronomically, Astrophysically, Astutely, Asunder, Aswirl, Asymmetrically, Asymptotically, Asynchronously

Adverbs that start with At

At after, Atavistically, At-bat, Athletically, Athwart, Atilt, Atmospherically, Atomically, Atomistically, Atop, Atrociously, Attentively, Attitudinally, Attractionally, Attractively, Attributively, Atypically

Adverbs that start with Au

Au fond, Audaciously, Audibly, Audiently, Audio-lingually, Audiometrically, Augustly, Aurally, Auspiciously, Austerely, Authentically, Authenticly, Authorially, Authoritatively, Autobiographically, Autocatalytically, Autochthonously, Autocratically, Autogenously, Autographically, Automagically, Automatically, Automorphically, Autonomically, Autonomously, Autoptically, Autoradiographically, Autotrophically

Adverbs that start with Av

Availably, Avariciously, Averagely, Avidly, Avoidably, Avowedly

Adverbs that start with Aw

Away, Awe-inspiringly, Awesomely, Awful, Awfully, Awhile, Awkwardly

Adverbs that start with Ax

Axenically, Axially, Axiologically, Axiomatically

Adverbs that start with Ay


Adverbs that start with Az




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