Adverbs that start with L | Adverbs starting with L


Adverbs that start with L

228 Adverbs start with L

Adverbs that start with La

Labially, Laboriously, Laborously, Labouringly, Laboursomely, Lachrymosely, Lacily, Lackadaisically, Laconically, Ladyly, Laggardly, Laically, Lambently, Lamely, Lamentably, Landside, Landward, Lang syne, Languidly, Languishingly, Languorously, Lankily, Lankly, Laparoscopically, Largamente, Large, Largely, Larghetto, Largo, Lasciviously, Last, Lastingly, Lastly, Late, Lately, Latently, Later, Laterad, Laterally, Lateralward, Lateralwards, Latish, Latitudinally, Latterly, Laudably, Laughably, Laughingly, Laugh-out-loud, Lavishly, Lawfully, Lawlessly, Laxly, Lazily

Adverbs that start with Le

Leadenly, Leafmeal, Leanly, Learnedly, Least, Leastways, Lecherously, Leeringly, Leeward, Left, Left and right, Left-handed, Left-handedly, Leftward, Leftwardly, Leftwise, Leg before wicket, Legalistically, Legally, Legato, Legendarily, Leggiero, Legibly, Legislatively, Legit, Legitimately, Lego-like, Leisurely, Lekker, Lengthily, Lengthways, Lengthwise, Leniently, Lento, Leprously, Less, Lethally, Lethargically, Level-headedly, Levelly, Lewdly, Lexically, Lexicographically, Lexicologically

Adverbs that start with Li

Libellously, Liberally, Libidinally, Libidinously, Licentiously, Licitly, Lickerishly, Lickety-split, Lief, Lifelessly, Lifeward, Light-footedly, Light-headedly, Light-heartedly, Lightly, Lightsomely, Like, Likeably, Likely, Like-mindedly, Likeways, Likewise, Likewisely, Likingly, Limitlessly, Limpidly, Limpingly, Limply, Lineally, Linearly, Lingeringly, Lingually, Linguistically, Liquidly, Lispingly, Lissomely, Listlessly, Literally, Literarily, Literately, Literatim, Lithely, Lithographically, Lithologically, Litigiously, Little, Littly, Liturgically, Live, Livelily, Liverishly, Lividly, Livingly

Adverbs that start with Lo

Loathsomely, Locally, Locomotively, Loftily, Logarithmically, Logically, Logistically, Log-normally, Lonesomely, Long, Long distance, Longfully, Longingly, Longitudinally, Longly, Longo intervallo, Long-sightedly, Long-sufferingly, Longward, Longwards, Longways, Long-windedly, Loopily, Loosely, Lopsidedly, Loquaciously, Lordlily, Lot, Loud, Loudly, Lousily, Loutishly, Lovably, Lovelessly, Lovelily, Loverwise, Lovesomely, Lovewards, Lovingly, Low, Lower, Loweringly, Lowlily, Lowly, Lown, Loyally

Adverbs that start with Lt


Adverbs that start with Lu


Adverbs that start with Ly

Lymphatically, Lyingly,Lyrically,Lytically


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