Adverbs that start with s | Adverbs starting with s

Adverbs that start with s | Adverbs starting with s
Adverbs that start with s | Adverbs starting with s

Adverbs that start with S

916 Adverbs that start with s


Adverbs that start with Sa

Sacerdotally, Sacramentally, Sacredly, Sacrificially, Sacrilegiously, Sadistically, Sadly, Sae, Safely, Sagaciously, Sagely, Sagittally, Salaciously, Saliently, Saltily, Saltirewise, Salubriously, Same, Sanctimoniously, Sanely, Sanguinarily, Sanguinely, Sanitarily, Sapiently, Sappily, Saprophytically, Sarcastically, Sardonically, Sarkily, Sartorially, Sarvo, Sassily, Satanically, Satirically, Satisfactorily, Satisfiedly, Satisfyingly, Saturday, Saturninely, Saucily, Savagely, Savingly, Savourily, Savouringly, Savourly, Savourously

Adverbs that start with Sc

Scabrously, Scandalously, Scantily, Scantly, Scarce, Scarcely, Scarily, Scathingly, Scattily, Scenically, Scenographically, Sceptically, Schematically, Schemingly, Scherzando, Schismatically, Scholastically, Schoolmarmishly, Schoolward, Schoolwards, Sciatherically, Sciatically, Scientifically, Scil., Scilicet, Scintigraphically, Scintillatingly, Scissors-fashion, Scissorwise, Scoffingly, Scorchingly, Scornfully, Scot-free, Scottice, Scraggily, Scrappily, Scratchily, Screamingly, Scrimply, Scripturally, Scruffily, Scrumptiously, Scrupulously, Sculpturally, Sculpturesquely, Scurrilously, Scurvily

Adverbs that start with Se

Seamlessly, Searchingly, Searingly, Seasonably, Seasonally, Seaward, Second class, Secondarily, Second-hand, Secondly, Secretively, Secretly, Sectionally, Secularly, Secundly, Securely, Sedately, Sedentarily, Seditiously, Seductively, Sedulously, Seedily, Seemingly, Seethingly, Segmentally, Seismically, Seismologically, Seldom, Seldomly, Selectionally, Selectively, Self-approvingly, Self-assuredly, Self-centredly, Self-confessedly, Self-confidently, Self-consciously, Self-deprecatingly, Self-destructively, Self-effacingly, Self-evidently, Self-importantly, Self-indulgently, Selfishly, Selflessly, Self-mockingly, Self-pityingly, Self-referentially, Self-reliantly, Self-righteously, Self-sufficiently, Semantically, Semaphorically, Semasiologically, Semi-annually, Semi-conservatively, Seminally, Semi-officially, Semiotically, Semi-permanently, Sempiternally, Semplice, Sempre, Sensationally, Senselessly, Sensibly, Sensitively, Sensorially, Sensorily, Sensu lato, Sensu stricto, Sensually, Sensuously, Sententiously, Sentiently, Sentimentally, Senza replica, Separably, Separately, Septically, Sepulchrally, Seq., Sequaciously, Sequentially, Sequently, Seraphically, Serendipitously, Serenely, Serially, Seriately, Seriatim, Serio-comically, Seriously, Serologically, Serviceably, Servilely, Sevenfold, Seventhly, Seventyfold, Severally, Severely, Sexagesimally, Sexangularly, Sexily, Sexlessly, Sextuply, Sexually

Adverbs that start with Sf


Adverbs that start with Sh

Shabbily, Shadily, Shaggily, Shakily, Shallowly, Shambolically, Shamefacedly, Shamefully, Shamelessly, Shapelessly, Sharp, Sharpish, Sharply, Sharp-wittedly, Shatteringly, Sheepishly, Sheer, Sheerly, Shiftily, Shiftlessly, Shimmeringly, Shinily, Shiningly, Shirtily, Shiveringly, Sho, Shockingly, Shoddily, Shopmanlike, Shoreward, Short, Shortly, Short-sightedly, Shoulder-high, Showily, Shrewdly, Shrewishly, Shriekingly, Shrilly, Shrinkingly, Shudderingly, Shyly

Adverbs that start with Si

Sibilantly, Sic, Sickeningly, Side to side, Sidedly, Sidelings, Sidelong, Sidely, Side-on, Sides to middle, Side-saddle, Side-splittingly, Sideward, Sideway, Sideways, Sidewise, Sight unseen, Sightlessly, Signally, Significantly, Significatively, Silently, Silkily, Sillily, Similarly, Simperingly, Simple-mindedly, Simpliciter, Simplistically, Simply, Simultaneously, Since, Sincerely, Sine die, Sinfully, Singingly, Single file, Single-handed, Single-handedly, Single-mindedly, Singly, Singularly, Sinisterly, Sinistrally, Sinlessly, Sinsyne, Sinuously, Sinusoidally, Situationally, Sixfold, Sixthly, Sixtyfold, Sizeably

Adverbs that start with Sk

Skeletally, Sketchily, Skew-whiff, Skiagraphically, Skiascopically, Skilfully, Skimpily, Skinflintily, Skittishly, Sky-high, Skyward

Adverbs that start with Sl

Slackly, Slam-bang, Slanderously, Slangily, Slantwise, Slap, Slapdash, Slavishly, Sleazily, Sleekly, Sleepily, Sleeplessly, Slenderly, Slickly, Slidably, Slightingly, Slightly, Slimily, Slimly, Slinkily, Slipperily, Sloppily, Slothfully, Slow, Slowly, Sluggishly, Slyly

Adverbs that start with Sm

Smack, Smack dab, Small, Small-mindedly, Smally, Smarmily, Smartingly, Smartish, Smartly, Smash, Smashingly, Smash-mouth, Smilingly, Smirkily, Smirkingly, Smokily, Smooth, Smoothly, Smorzando, Smoulderingly, Smudgily, Smugly, Smuttily

Adverbs that start with Sn

Snakily, Snappily, Snappingly, Snappishly, Snarlingly, Snazzily, Sneakily, Sneakingly, Sneeringly, Snickeringly, Snidely, Sniffily, Sniffingly, Sniggeringly, Snippily, Snivellingly, Snobbishly, Snootily, Snottily, Snowily, Snugly

Adverbs that start with So

So, Soapily, Soaringly, Sobbingly, Soberingly, Soberly, Sociably, Socialistically, Socially, Societally, Sociobiologically, Socioculturally, Socio-economically, Sociolinguistically, Sociologically, Sociometrically, Socking, Socratically, Soddenly, Soever, Soft, Soft-foot, Soft-footedly, Softly, Soggily, Solely, Solemnly, Solicitously, Solidly, Solipsistically, Solitarily, Solo, Somatically, Sombrely, Some, Some day, Somehow, Someplace, Something, Sometime, Sometimes, Someway, Somewhat, Somewhen, Somewhere, Sommer, Somnambulantly, Somnambulistically, Somnolently, Sonically, Sonorously, Soon, Soonish, Soothingly, Sootily, Sophistically, Sophisticatedly, Soporifically, Soppily, Sordidly, Sore, Sorely, Sorrily, Sorrowfully, Sorrowingly, Sorrowly, Sotto voce, Soulfully, Soullessly, Soul-like, Sound, Soundlessly, Soundly, Soupily, Sourly, Sous vide, South, South about, South’ard, South-east, South-easterly, South-eastward, Southeastwardly, Southerly, Southernly, South-southeasterly, South-south-eastwards, South-southwesterly, South-south-westwards, Southward, Southwardly, South-west, South-westerly, South-westward, Southwestwardly, Sovereignly

Adverbs that start with Sp

Spaceward, Spaciously, Spang, Sparely, Sparingly, Sparklingly, Sparsely, Spartanly, Spasmodically, Spastically, Spatially, Spatio-temporally, Specially, Specifically, Speciously, Spectacularly, Spectrally, Spectrographically, Spectrophotometrically, Spectroscopically, Speculatively, Speechlessly, Speedily, Spellbindingly, Spermatically, Spermicidally, Spesh, Spherically, Sphygmographically, Spiccato, Spicily, Spiffily, Spikily, Spinally, Spinelessly, Spirally, Spiritedly, Spiritlessly, Spiritually, Spirographically, Spitefully, Splat, Splendidly, Splendiferously, Splenetically, Splutteringly, Spokewise, Spongily, Spontaneously, Spookily, Spoonily, Sporadically, Sporophytically, Sportfully, Sportily, Sportingly, Sportively, Sportswise, Spot cash, Spot on, Spotlessly, Spottily, Spousally, Sprawlingly, Spreadingly, Springily, Sprucely, Spryly, Spunkily, Spuriously

Adverbs that start with Sq

Squalidly, Square, Squarely, Squashily, Squatly, Squeakily, Squeamishly, Squiffily

Adverbs that start with Sr


Adverbs that start with St

Stably, Staccato, Stag, Staggeringly, Stagily, Stagnantly, Staidly, Stalely, Stalwartly, Stammeringly, Stanchly, Standardly, Stand-offishly, Starchily, Starchly, Staringly, Starkly, Starrily, Startingly, Startlingly, Starvingly, Starward, Starwise, Stat, Statedly, Statelily, Stateside, Statewide, Statewise, Statically, Stationarily, Statistically, Statively, Statuelike, Statuesquely, Statutably, Statutorily, Staunchly, Steadfastly, Steadily, Stealthily, Steamily, Steaming, Steelily, Steeply, Stepwise, Stereochemically, Stereographically, Stereophonically, Stereoscopically, Stereospecifically, Stereotactically, Stereotypically, Sterically, Sterilely, Sternly, Sternwards, Stertorously, Stethoscopically, Stickily, Stiffly, Stiflingly, Stigmatically, Still, Stilly, Stiltedly, Stimulatingly, Stingily, Stingingly, Stinking, Stinkingly, Stirringly, Stochastically, Stockily, Stock-still, Stodgily, Stoically, Stoichiometrically, Stolidly, Stone cold, Stonily, Stormily, Stout-heartedly, Stoutly, Straight, Straightaway, Straightforwardly, Straightly, Straightway, Straitly, Strangely, Strategically, Stratigraphically, Stratospherically, Streakily, Streetward, Strengthily, Strenuously, Stressfully, Stretto, Strictly, Stridently, Strikingly, Stringendo, Stringently, Stringily, Stroboscopically, Strongly, Stroppily, Structurally, Structurely, Struttingly, Stubbily, Stubbornly, Studiedly, Studiously, Stuffily, Stultifyingly, Stumblingly, Stumpily, Stunningly, Stupefyingly, Stupendously, Stupidly, Sturdily, Stutteringly, Stylishly, Stylistically

Adverbs that start with Su

Suavely, Sub hasta, Sub modo, Sub plumbo, Sub rosa, Sub sigillo, Sub silentio, Sub specie aeternitatis, Sub specie mortis, Sub specie temporis, Sub tegmine fagi, Sub verbo, Sub voce, Subacutely, Subaerially, Subalternately, Subcentrally, Subconsciously, Subcutaneously, Subdorsally, Subgenerically, Subglacially, Subito, Subjacently, Subject, Subjectively, Subjectly, Subjunctively, Sublimely, Subliminally, Sublingually, Sublittorally, Submaturely, Submissively, Submissly, Submittingly, Subobscurely, Suboptimally, Subordinately, Subreptitiously, Subsequentially, Subsequently, Subserviently, Subsidiarily, Subsonically, Substantially, Substantivally, Substantively, Substitutionally, Substitutively, Subterraneanly, Subterraneously, Subtidally, Subtly, Subtractively, Subtropically, Suburbanly, Subversively, Subvocally, Successfully, Successively, Succinctly, Succulently, Suctorially, Sudden, Suddenly, Sufficiently, Suffocatingly, Suggestively, Suicidally, Suitably, Sulkily, Sullenly, Sultrily, Summa cum laude, Summarily, Summerly, Sumptuously, Sunday, Sunnily, Sunward, Super, Superabundantly, Superbly, Superciliously, Superconsciously, Supereminently, Supererogatorily, Superessentially, Superfetally, Superficially, Superfinely, Superfluently, Superfluously, Superhumanly, Superiorly, Superlatively, Superluminally, Supernally, Supernaturally, Supersonically, Superstitiously, Supinely, Supperward, Supplely, Supplementally, Supplementarily, Suppliant-like, Suppliantly, Supplicantly, Supplicatingly, Supplicatorily, Supply, Supportably, Supportingly, Supportively, Supportlessly, Supposably, Supposedly, Suppositiously, Supposititiously, Suppositively, Suppositorily, Suppressedly, Supra, Supra protest, Supralocally, Supramaximally, Suprasegmentally, Supremely, Sure, Suredly, Sure-footedly, Surely, Surfacely, Surficially, Surgically, Surlily, Surpassingly, Surprisedly, Surprisingly, Surrealistically, Surreally, Surreptitiously, Susceptibly, Suspensively, Suspiciously, Sustainably, Sustainedly, Sustainingly

Adverbs that start with Sw

Swaggeringly, Swankily, Swarthily, Sweatily, Sweepingly, Sweetly, Swell, Swelteringly, Swift, Swiftly, Swimmingly, Swingeingly, Swingingly, Swinishly

Adverbs that start with Sy

Sybaritically, Sycophantically, Sydney-side, Syllabically, Sylleptically, Syllogistically, Symbiotically, Symbolically, Symmetrically, Sympathetically, Symphonically, Symplectically, Symptomatically, Synaptically, Synchronically, Synchronistically, Synchronously, Syne, Synecdochically, Synecologically, Synergetically, Synergically, Synergistically, Synonymously, Synoptically, Syntactically, Syntagmatically, Syntaxially, Synthetically, Systematically, Systemically, System-wide, Systemwise





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